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Courageous and Strong!

We never know when life will throw a wrench our way or how to handle it.I suppose that is the beauty of this thing called life and the...

The Changing Land... Part 1

The land has the unique ability to change with each passing mile and state. As we pulled out of Colorado and headed up 1-25 to 1-80 in...

A place to call home..

These woods that surround me are my protector, my guidance and my kind. As midnight falls upon the forest, the mystery of the land...

A Healing Adventure..

I sit here in the quiet campground thinking of the week before and all of the views seen. We pulled out on a late Tuesday afternoon with...

Sunsets and Sunrises

As the sun goes down and highlights the clouds in a pure golden glow the breeze becomes still and ready for sleep. The clouds change...

Surviving Winter.

As the rain slowly turns into cold wet snow and the signals on my phone indicate Winter Storm Warning I take a few precautions to ensure...

Capturing sunshine in a cup

The best part of RV living is being able to travel every 14 days which might seem like a lot but being able to capture sun in a mug is...

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