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4th of July!

There is something unique about being in an RV park during a holiday. A campground, neighborhood, or park might all be bustling with people, music and food but none compare to the nature of an RV park. A few days ago I started to notice the decorations being hung on any available spot on the RV. Table cloths and table settings were put out, extra chairs brought out from under storage, and grills prepped. The tourist population increased on the beach and all restaurants were over took. As the day started, families gathered, took a swim and packed up their trucks for the day. The night, hot with a semi cool breeze blows through the busy park. The smell of steaks and hamburgers fill the air, while laughter is heard all around. The distant conversations mixed with food and decorations bring this place to a new element.

I am not a truly emotional person, but something about being alone for the first 4th of July in my life, in a different state makes me want to sit down at someone’s table and feel the comfort of being together with someone. I do however, enjoy sitting behind my tree, typing and watching the neighbors enjoy a sense of freedom that has not been felt since COVID-19 started. The clouds began to roll in and I am sure many have found their place on the beach in preparation for the night’s fireworks. I took Mr. Bo out for a walk and watched the smiles on faces around me as they picked up their hand and waved. We are not able to get back the time we lost but days like this make you think it might be possible. A possibility so dear to the heart that I almost imagined my family sitting at this picnic table with me.

I made homemade veggie pot pies and the only thought I had was hearing my mom walk into my trailer and commenting on good it smelled. I longed for those words and even though she was not here in person I heard it. I imagined my sister grabbing Mr. Bowman and walking him around the park even though he never wanted to be a part of mom. The trailer across from me lives a women and her two large cats. I wonder her story, for all I know is she is a cancer survivor and a new one. Her hair is gone, and band-aids always remain on her head. Her body is so tiny and weak looking, but that does not stop her from getting out and cleaning her cat boxes with such amazing strength. Her glasses are almost too big for her face and similar to me in the heat, she pushes them up constantly. I never see anyone with her or a car parked in front of her home. We have had several conversations and her face lights up like a Christmas tree when she is spoken to. I am sure, her, like me is lonely, however, I don’t have the “C” word to compete with. I can hope that in time we will grow closer and I will know her. I do find it interesting though,

I have traveled in many locations with my RV for the last few years and only saw one woman alone, now, I am across from one and next to one. My neighbor is very tough looking, but has a gentle face. Her truck and trailer is way bigger than me and I began to think she beat me in the penis category! I do sometimes have penis envy and have to remember I actually do not have one! The humidity is something of a frustration tonight. My fingers are becoming stuck like glue on my small keyboard. The air is sucking all life out of my equipment and causing a difficult typing. As I have gotten off track, I will go back to the feeling of today; it is peaceful, decorated, and kind. I look forward to taking Bo for his final walk of the night and seeing the holograms of stars and stripes on trailers while the bright moon makes way for another day. This song sums it up, enjoy my friends!

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