Courageous and Strong!

We never know when life will throw a wrench our way or how to handle it.I suppose that is the beauty of this thing called life and the challenges that come along with it.We grow up in a bubble, for the most part, thinking that we have our whole life ahead of us and can accomplish anything that we set our mind to. I love the fact that parents teach this method, for as you grow up you realize that in reality you cannot accomplish everything your mind wants, but you accomplish the truth.That truth might change year to year or even day to day, but eventually that so called truth will be accomplished.The truth could be a new adventure, a job, or a new friendship.It does not matter what that might be in anyone’s eyes, but only truly matters in yours.We grow up thinking that we must 100% percent be successful in all avenues of life, such as a career, marriage, children and retirement, but is that true to each person?

That is a question that has come in mind very recently.I have made poor decisions in my life, but also have been given no open doors in certain situations.I have had to bang down those doors and walls that inhabit my heart and body, but in that hard core destruction I have learned many things about myself that I have remained hidden within a secret drawer of being misunderstood.We call the ones who did not “live” a normal life different or unbecoming, however in our world those are the ones who can stand back, see a situation for what it is and come up with an out of the box solution.Those people might be disregarded easily, for sometimes they are quiet, but they are the ones who will fight and have the most determination for what is right and to guide a team on a path of solution.A package might be secretly hidden, but it is a job to unravel and discover the beauty of each person that lays beneath.

We all have benefits that should be enjoyed and appreciated by all and I hope that one day the world will cherish every culture, opinion and desire.We are all not the same, we are different, in our experiences, cultures and worlds.No one knows the truth of what some else has truly lived and in order to be open minded, communication and desire comes together like a band aid and Neosporin. For a wound cannot heal without either.

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