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Do I own my dog or does my dog own me?

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I open my sleepy eyes, stretch out my arms and wait for the 8 pound dog to realize I am awake. I take a few deep breathes and wait for him to find his way out of the two comforters and blankets. His head emerges like a turtle to a shell. He takes a few steps across the bed, tries to open his eyes and lies back down. He finally fines the strength to stand up once again and to make those final steps to my chest. His stride of emotion feels like he is bound to find greatness within the moment. I continue to lay still and silent, for any major movement can change his course of action. He makes the steps from my arm to my chest and stands over me looking directly in my eyes. I begin to feel his desires and know right away what he wants, but try to hold out.

At this point, I can immediately get out of bed, but want to see how far the process will go. I lay there emotionless. My arms tucked inside of the comforters leaving myself vulnerable to his actions. He stares at me like a foreign but familiar object and without notice plummets his body to my chest. He lifts up his little paw and places gently upon my face. As my hand emerges from the blankets his tail begins to move like the blade of a powerful wind tower that was strategically placed in the fields of a forgotten land. As I make the decision to pull back the covers and step upon the cold flooring he stands at the edge of the bed waiting for me to move his little body to the couch. It is a leap that he can make, but for some odd reason, feels more secure as I move him from one location to another. I change my clothes to more suitable “public” attire, and put on his old black harness.

I hold him tightly to the left side, grab a bag for his waste and open the camper door for the first time that morning. The overall view is the same, but my short term view changes with each progressive day. I look to my right to see who is walking on the bike path or to see what other fellow campers are out exploring the morning sun. I place Joe on the ground, close the door and walk down the street to the local path. I say my typical good morning to a few neighbors and head to the local park. The park is quiet and lonely. The geese have claimed the land and the process of moving around them is like moving around a beach full of seaweed.

After Joe has sniffed every rock, and marked the 100th location, we make our way back. The sun is now making its way through the land and the warmth on the face is true. As we re-enter the RV park, the scenery has once again changed for the hustle around us has increased. Joe stops, looks up at me with his big glorious brown eyes, shakes his butt and waits patiently for my next words… which are “mommy is going to get your butt”. As I say these words while making direct eye contact he runs in front of me with his giant ears back, wags his tail then comes running at me and jumps high into the air. We continue to play this game for several minutes until he realizes that his hungry outweighs play time. As we approach the camper door, I bend over to pick him up, take him off the leash and place him inside the camper.

He jumps on the couch as I place the leash on the wall and as my back is turned to him he places his little paws on my back. His patience is no longer and must be fed before any other activity takes place. I look at him in the eye and say “at your service, sir”, bend over, pick up his bowl and feed him. I am finally free for a few minutes to brush my hair or to take care of my needs before he finds that the bed is calling him back again. I look at the bed as he digs a tunnel back into the comforters and tell him to have a good nap, while mommy moves to the uncomfortable table to work. Some morning rituals never end and are truly priceless! #loveforrescuedogs. All animals should receive the most love possible, but my heart is passionate for older rescue dogs. I imagine this song playing as he was transported from Roswell to Colorado and can hear him saying goodbye of life and hello new one!

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