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Happy Fathers Day to all!

As the 10:00 hour rolls around on the Saturday of Fathers Day I think back on all of the fathers I have seen this weekend. I have seen them roll in, set up, pull out the new clean grill, and place the perfect cut firewood near the pit. They backed in their RV’s, pulled out the equipment and set up. I have seen men of all ages, from young dads to retired. Even though this weekend is what I like to call a Hallmark holiday and does not really hold any weight historically it is a weekend that is important to some. The dads that make this their celebration weekend seem to enjoy all aspects from setting up, to grilling to just hanging out in a chair with a beverage.

As conversations and fires continued into late into the evening, the sound of laughter and companionship followed. I overheard wives tell their husband what is on the menu, which consisted of steak, salad, beans and of course cocktails. This weekend makes me sit back and think of what a dad truly is. I don’t believe that you need children to be a dad. I think you can be a dad if you own a pet, or if you have a belief and desire to take care of people or of living animals. I think at some point, similar to being a mother, we as the older ones have an obligation to protect the younger and helpless. That might make us good citizens, or caring citizens, but I think I look at this differently. I have a young team at work and I think of myself as their mother, or sometimes refer to myself as grandma, for I believe I have an old soul when it comes to work ethic, respect, and communication.

I joke that even though I choose to live in an RV I would rather be alone with my dog than deal with some people, which is a true statement, but that does not mean I don’t care for them. It just means, I prefer to be alone (not all of the time, but I find solitude in other things). I have seen a countless number of people pull into the spots that surround me and each one, even though is different, has one thing in common, they are men that have shown a great deal of love for their family and friends. The KOA has been roaring with the crackling sound of firewood, the smell of meat, and finely organized trucks. I think of the dads at home who are finding solace standing behind a grill, playing in a pool or hanging out alone. This weekend has given them the opportunity to celebrate a certain a level of simplicity with family, friends and nature.

For me, I think every day should be fathers or mothers day, for we all have a role to play in our world. I have two small dogs and I call myself their mommy, for my love is deep and rooted, but I also call myself a “mother” because I am older and would jump in and help anyone if needed. I opted to not have children for it did not fit into my life style and even to this day was never a regret. As I talked to a couple from outside of Steamboat Springs, the older man referred to me as a “young pup” and even though I am younger than him, his tone and politeness felt hearted like a man who truly cared. We brought smiles to each other’s faces, said our goodbyes and they were off.

Even though I had only met him for brief moment he felt like a father figure that I could count on if I needed help in the campground. When I was staying in Golden, the couple next to me had one grown and married child (the child was not his, for they married later in life), but he treated me with care and thoughtfulness. The caring words that he spoke to me came rolling off his tongue like melted butter to a piece of corn on the cob. I felt a connection of a father figure and knew that once again if I needed anything he would help me. I think as I wrap this post up, my bottom line is that no matter what we should show an example of how to care, to listen and to be mothers and fathers (even know we are not biological), for it is up to us to show the example of what a true heart is.

As the RV’s roll out tomorrow and the dads continue on with their weekend, I do hope they all enjoyed their adventure and had an amazing time with family and friends. The happiness could be heard throughout the campground and I wish them all well. I wish all a happy Fathers Day.

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