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How did it become April?

As the pages of the calendar turned to April the uncertainty of time within our personal and professional stages became a mystery. Every routine we knew was gone, every sense of freedom we had felt lost, and while we remain in our bubble there are some bubbles that cannot be broken. These are no doubt different times, and even though the uncertainty of the future has been laid out so drastically at our door steps (literally) I can only focus on one thing at this time. The only thing my heart and mind can focus on is the moments when we become allowed to explore, re-unite and to feel similar and unforgotten desires.

For a person, who has chosen to live in an RV these times have proven challenging. As the state parks closed their doors to camping, but remained open for recreational purposes, the feeling of loss and sadness became stricken. There has become a challenge to find a spot, fill water tanks, take a shower, and to feel the freedom that lives under the wheel that we once called home. I selected to live above four wheels and even though that might seem odd, the journey has been like discovering an forgotten and unexplored piece of history within my heart.

For the carny inside me, I had to take a journey to find a new and clearer view point of the valley below. Similar to driving, parking, walking and standing in front of a mysterious scenic view of a highway that might not be touched again, the process is thrilling. Even though our doors have been delayed, I still dream of the moment when I hear laughter, smell sunscreen and see the faces of young and old. To see families gather around turkey legs and funnel cakes, that they have waited so long to enjoy is the purest of moments that make every day of running hard and fast for so long worth it.

We are all going through a different stage in our life with the current developments, but the one thing that remains is that we are all in this together. We remain connected by hope and communication. Like many others, I wait for the day, I can hitch my trailer, pull back into state parks, and re-discover my foot-steps upon those trails. For the carny, I cannot wait to hear the sound of laugher, to smell fresh popcorn and to create a memory that will overcome any and all uncertainties that have been laid out upon us. As I end this post, I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped with this situation and to know that support is here if needed!

Here is one of my favorite versions of this song and allows me to close my eyes, take a deep breath and to explore that valley that still remains in sight and is bright!

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