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I write this blog with a Chihuahua tucked tightly in my underarm. His warm salty head comforts me on this Friday night. His big loving brown eyes are magical and loveable. I cannot express my love for him and cannot believe that I will have a life time with him. I am used to having older dogs where I can only spend a few years with them. I am thrilled to see how he grows old and the dog that he will become. I have created an Instagram account with him and I dream about the photos that become him.

Today was intriguing for me. When I left my life in Colorado, I left it. I decided not to have any regret, or sadness, for I knew when I took the job in Texas my life in Colorado would end. My friendship and love did not, but I knew that things I enjoyed and knew would be a distant memory to me. I drove away with my trailer on a hitch and made a life somewhere else. That life can be lonely at times, but slowly I am hoping that loneness will eliminate like a piece of dirt in a strong wind storm. That piece of dirt does not stand a chance. I find myself so overwhelming grateful for the people I have met people at work and they are wonderful and beyond amazing. I think back to this today and every moment was accomplished with greatness. I felt proud and happy to be surrounded by the amazing workers and to be hugged by the warm beach that surrounded me.

My routine does not change. I leave for work, place 3 treats on a blanket for Bo, makes sure the AC is on and lock the trailer. I cannot wait to return that night to see his face. He is not only my dog, he is my life. As I sat at dinner tonight enjoying an awesome salad and view I realized that I do miss the conversation of another. I looked at the people around me and wished I could be apart of their conversation or at least had someone to talk to in person. As the band performed, I listened to the songs he sang and had a deep lost feeling for Leadville, CO. That town has been in my life for so long and for the first time I had missed it dearly. I think back to my days attending Colorado Mountain College and what was learned during my time. Even though I had to work 3 jobs to attend that college I was so happy to be a part of that intelligence team. Each person in the NRMI team had an overwhelming passion and love for the environment. I had wished that my math skills were stronger and I could have completed a Bachelors degree in a program. I wonder where my foot steps would have taken me if I was able to accomplish that program. Even though I said I have no regrets about leaving, I will always have the regret about not finishing my Bachelors in Environmental studies.

My heart, my love and my life was meant to go in that direction, but it took a different turn at some point and I am okay with that. The goal and success of every day is to allow your current life to be the heart of your life. Regrets of any kind are not welcome in success. I am here for a reason and my foot steps will not be replaced.


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