Pieces of wood..

A forest viewed through thick glasses might just look like a giant jig saw puzzle of tall pieces of wood. Those pieces of wood are standing close to each other touching and belonging to each other. As passengers drive by or hike the famous 14ners, they might over look what those pieces of wood stand for. The forest is not just one cell but is made up of many. The tall pieces of wood stand powerful, clever and with a purpose. Their leaves blow in the wind and the sun guides the growth. The surrounding critters belong to their prospective pieces of wood. There is where they call home, raise their little critters and survive from the larger predators on the ground. The pieces of wood provide shade, comfort and protection from when the weather turns evil. Those pieces of wood, otherwise known as trees are not hollow, but made of a complex system of life.

The trees are cut and used for fire to provide warmth and a source of cooking. From a distance the trees might seem separated and not as one with the soul, however, when sitting deep into the forest and looking up the vision changes. The eyes become open and knowledgeable to what is around them. The sense become intrigued and begans to see a series of bugs that crawl on the ground and around them. The eyes start to see how different the marks on each tree truly are and wonder why. The trees and forest are peaceful and shed during the fall like a peel on a banana. Smooth and careful. They shed in a system, not all at once, but in time. The wind plays a part in that movement and sometimes gives a forcing hand. The forest is not just one system, but it is full of many. As these fires have been tearing through our state and ripping through forest after forest, tree after tree, the devastation does not heel easily. As we wish for rain and hope that all animals have made their way to safety the reality is that fires sometimes can be prevented.

As the weather turns and lighting plays its evil role in the tree’s and strikes it with one powerful finger a fire can emerge, but what about the others. The fires that people create by lack of knowledge and self-awareness are the ones that are hard to understand. As I sit in this camp, I look around and see five camp spots full of fires at 6:25 pm. The weather is warm and there is no reason to have a camp fire while the state is covered in uncontrollable smoke. Those pieces of wood that they throw on the fire were once tall gorgeous trees in a forest and now part of smoke that fills the polluted air. The forest is unique and even though it looks unbreakable from a distance it is actually soft and delicate like a new born baby. It needs to be protected for those pieces of wood are the future for the next generation.

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