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Power of Rain

The temperature dropped, the clouds are in the process of changing and a sudden chill came over the mountains and into my body. I had just finished cooking my salmon outside on the Coleman grill and as I closed the camper door the gentle motion of rain emerged. The rain, similar to any motion started slowly and placed subtle drops of water on my windows. As the power of the wind gained speed so did the movement of the drops. Each drop was heard on all sides of the Jayco. The sound similar to the smell fascinates a different part of the body.

The window of the Jayco is slightly open and I breathe in the scent of what the rain touched. The rain allowed the smell of the trees and grass to emerge and similar to a parent touching a baby’s face; the rain is smooth and cautious. As the rain started, I grabbed my favorite blanket, a cookie, (or two) from my storage pantry, which is actually my Coleman cooler, poured a glass of Chardonnay and kicked my feet upon the couch. The 8 pound dog decided that he did not have enough room and choose to jump on the bed and lay hidden in the pile of comforters.

I do find it interesting that when it comes to rain vs. snow, I have different rituals. The rain, seems more gentle and refreshing, therefore, my comfort items are chosen differently. For the blanket, I select this old green blanket that perhaps does not provide full warmth, but since having it for over 16 years, brings me an overwhelming amount of comfort and memories, for an after dinner treat, I select a White Chocolate Macadamia cookie and a glass of Robert Mondavi Chardonnay. When it snows, I prefer grabbing my white warm blanket that smells like the sun, heavier socks, making popcorn and grabbing a Diet Pepsi.

Some of the most powerful rain I can recall was in Conway, Arkansas. The rain came in fast like a hot rod to the finish line. It was full of power, force and pure energy. The windows were open and immediately the burst of thunder emerged and within a second rain down poured from the sky. The rain may have only lasted a few minutes, but the flooding remained long after. After the rain ended, the smell lifted me up like an out of body experience of relaxation.

As the temperature continues to drop in Golden, Colorado, yes home to the famous Coors, the Jayco becomes colder and distant. The sun has fallen and the stars become visible over the foothills. The smell and freedom of rain still remains, but the gliding rain disappeared back into the clouds for another moment in time.

I would love to hear your favorite rain story and your comforts during weather changing moments.

One my favorite songs to play when it rains is “Country Roads” by John Denver for it reminds me of a simple, uncomplicated time in life where the smell of rain and adventures filled my heart and body.

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