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Real World

It has been awhile since my fingers have felt this keyboard. Since moving to Texas my mind and fingers have not been on the same page. I have engulfed my new life with new routines and habits. I always thought I lived a simple life before but I realized that it was not simple. It was hard and complicated. Some of that I paved my own path, but some of it was laid out in front. As I sat tonight at a restaurant eating dinner, drinking a glass of wine and reading my book I spotted an older man to my left doing the same thing. We made eye contact and he said it was nice to see someone else reading while eating. I replied with, it was nice just to read and relax and he said he would have prefered to have someone across from him. We exchanged a few comments and went on to reading our books.

Those comments filled my mind and I began to miss company. I have not really missed the presence of people since I have been here but on occasion I long for that deep or simple conversation at a restaurant. I am fine sitting by myself and actually enjoy the people I meet. As the meal progressed I felt this eyes wonder. I made contact and we started a conversation. He had lost his wife of 44 years and was just turning 78. He was a veteran in the Coast Guard and that was the only life he knew. He asked if I was active military and I said no. I went into a little bit of my life story, but he really wanted to express his so I laid down the floor for him to continue. He was stationed in Yorktown, VA (a place I love dearly) and then lived in the Carolina’s. His family is from the south but he moved to Corpus Christi during military times. He proceed to tell me of 77 years of life experience personally and military bound. The battles and wars he was apart of.

I looked deep into his aging eyes and enjoyed his full hearted smile. He told me about his kids, neighbors and love for dogs, (especially Chihuahuas, so of course we bonded). As the conversation ended he walked up shook my hand and said it was pleasure to meet me. As I continued to read my book I heard my name in the distance. He was now standing next to me with these amazing wooden crafted walking sticks. One was much heavier than the other. They both had amazing craftsmanship. We completed our talk and he departed. We may be alone in person, but one thing is present, we always have someone. Tonight reminded me of my favoriate songs. This song reminds me everyday of our journey, passion and objectives. We live in one world, the real world.

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