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Sunsets and Sunrises

As the sun goes down and highlights the clouds in a pure golden glow the breeze becomes still and ready for sleep. The clouds change format and the nightly bugs emerge. The grass seems greener and the crackling sounds of the surrounding fire become apparent. The peaceful sound of an eagle soars above and circles the campground looking careful for the next meal. The trees seem taller and exhausted as if the day placed an overwhelming burden on them. The trees, tall, strong are ready for the cold night that will be upon them. The chipmunks climb fearless upon the trees and gather what supplies they need to survive. The night fall will soon be upon the campground and a different environment will soon come to pass. The elk will emerge and find their way to their nesting grounds.

The bears will come out and test their ability to open trash cans and find any food that irresponsible campers left behind. Soon the sky will be dark and the glow from the camp fires will be the only vision remaining. As the sun has finally descended, the remaining light in the sky is blue and visibility is becoming less and less. The brightness of the wildflowers are becoming dark and air is becoming cold. The night like any other will come and pass, for in the morning the sun will rise again.

The morning coldness will be shrugged off by the warmth of the increasing sun. The flowers will show their brightness and open up to the sun like the tip of a mountain, for they both need each other. Campers will step out of their tents and feel the sun on their face while sipping on their warm morning coffee reflecting on the night’s sleep. The crunching sound of the gravel will be become loud and the chirping of the birds will fill the fresh morning sky. The sky changes colors before the naked eye and almost instantly the morning becomes afternoon.

The morning does not last long and the heat soon becomes too much to handle. The campers pack up their gear in a certain organization and drive down the hill thinking of the grounds they called home. The campground is turned for the next visitors; however, the wilderness remains the same, while the only thing that changes is the visitors. The day will continue through the same cycle of life and all that cannot be seen will continue being unseen.

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