Surviving Winter.

As the rain slowly turns into cold wet snow and the signals on my phone indicate Winter Storm Warning I take a few precautions to ensure warmth. Since I am now working remotely as I am sure most people are during this time I needed to take those extra steps for warmth. I turned up the space heater, placed it in the middle of the RV so it equally warms up the bathroom but also my now working/living/dining space. I placed a thick towel over the camper door to block any additional cold air coming through; I turned down my thermostat, for I want to keep as much propane as possible. I keep the shads down, but also around the trim added a towel to block drafts.

The one lesson to learn from me is to always be more prepared. If you are going to camp in the winter take the time to properly close off gaps that might create cold from coming through. I did not take the time and learned fast while camping at negative degree temperatures near Central City to be more prepared. There are a lot of ways you can prepare for the winter months cheaply through insulation or wood to cover underneath the RV and the wheels. The one regret that I had was not getting insulation for my water hose. There are times when your hose and the water line at the camp site will freeze and you are now without any water to cook or drink. I have on many occasions collected the freshly new snow outside (not the yellow snow), to make coffee the next morning as a treat or survival for warmth.

When I first started, I bought two 6 gallon water jugs and always kept those filled inside my camper. I also recently purchased a container with a water spout so if my water lines and tank freezes I can still have water to do dishes easily without lifting and balancing a 6 gallon jug (which, I did for many months). My biceps are still killing me! Since I am working from home now and the RV bench is not the best for sitting for more than 2 hours a day, I have been turning on the heating pad to give my back and hips some extra love, but also to keep me warm through these cold days.

For the bed, I have two comforters and two very warm blankets, which Joe the wonder dog likes to claim as his own while mom is working. As night time falls and mom wants to get into bed he still does not get the concept that the bed belongs to mom! As I live right next to a pretty good running creek and up against a mountain the air can be colder so I make sure that I bundle up inside as well as outside when Joe demands his walks. In the bathroom, a good thing to purchase is a foam insulator for the fan space. The foam insulator fits nicely and can be easily removed, and blocks the air.

The high today was in the 30’s which is not bad, but can be bad enough when you live and work in an RV. The best lesson is to take time, seal your windows, protect underneath the RV, cover your wheels, lay down rugs, keep a shovel close for you might have to dig yourself out of places and keep enough towels and blankets.

Do some research on good space heaters, bundle yourself and your pet with cute sweaters (mostly for your enjoyment), and take precautions by keeping water jugs inside, pouring the pink antifreeze down your tanks to avoid freezing and bursting lines, but most of all play some good music, eat some good food, enjoy a good beverage and stay warm! Here is one my favorites to listen to on a cold night, as I sip some whiskey or rye!

“Travellin’ Man at About Songs Gardening Session” The Dead South

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