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Thank you my fellow RVer’s!

As the sky becomes dark and the stars emerge I began to think about the hidden community that surrounds me every day. During this time, you begin to think about past, present and future and analyze what will be left for us and the next generation. I found that within me time no longer matters, for it has fully stopped. As the sunlight left us and another day ended I started focusing on the RV community that was around me in person and online. I think that each “community” holds each other tightly, but for the community around me, I wanted to thank them.

The RV community is unique, silent, helpful and non-judgmental. I have been living in the RV for close to one year now and at this time next month will mark my official one year! I am asked by some, why did you choose this life style for it seems hard and unpleasant. My response is, yes at times it can be, but there are times such as today where the noise of the world disappeared and the only sound my ears and mind could focus on was the sound of the creek below.

I thought back to yesterday and as the bike path started to be over crowded the RV community seemed oddly close together. A neighbor in the park blasted out the birthday song from his speakers (no words, just music) and as the music filled the air, three women walked by heading to downtown Golden. I looked out and saw the neighbors walk out and wish the women (not sure which one it was) a happy birthday. It made me realize that even though RVer’s might want to be left alone they are there if you need them. My neighbor to the left asks me every day if I am okay and my neighbor to my right gives me the nice wave, but it is a wave of we are and in this together. I know that at any moment, I can go to them and ask for help if needed. We all treasure the community that understands us and I feel that this is the only community that fully understands me even though no words have ever been expressed. There is no judgment, no competition and no unnecessary remarks about your lifestyle.

As the world changes each day, the world of RVer’s seems to grow stronger and stronger through online supportive posts, or in person. The RV community is like Aspen trees. You will have several come up from the ground, but the root that connects them together is unseen to the human eye, but you know that root is unbreakable. I might be an amateur to this world, but the beauty of it is that amateurs are not classified by age or experience, for we all experience something different. We are all different ages trying this for the first time and some might be better at it than others, but we speak in one tongue and that is the tongue of assistance. No matter where this world takes me in the future, I will know that, I had the past to witness an amazing bond and the present to create.

Thank you my fellow RVer’s for what you have given me and I look forward to hitting the one anniversary next month!

Here is a little tune that I always found true to hardship and bonds created through rough times similar to an old western town that thrives only by memory.

Photo taken in Cripple Creek, Colorado, 2020.

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