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Crazy Grocery Store Dream!

Sometimes you wake up from a dream and wonder is this normal? Should I tell people about my dream or will they think I am crazy? I have always had very unique dreams and able to wake up and remember a good chunk of them. This one from last night seemed to fit into our current situation nicely, which is probably why I had it! The dream started by me walking into a large supermarket thinking I needed to buy one item, a birthday cake, however, I remember not having a person in mind for the cake, but just knowing that I needed one. I walked to the bakery, looked around and noticed that the floors were very dirty. The idea of buying something as pure as a birthday cake while being surrounded by dirty floors upset me. I went into the back of the store and got a bucket and cleaning material, however, prior to that I moved all of the cakes to the floor, and placed in order by size.

I stood up, looked at all of the pre-made cakes in front of me and began to ponder some deep hearted questions. Why do grocery store cakes always look so girly? Why do the cakes have flowers, sports or Marvel characters as options and nothing else? Can the cakes be made to fit all and why do all grocery stores have the same style? Can someone break out of the mold and create something different in these mass stores? What was stopping an employee from going rogue, management, corporate policy or something else? I realized my questions were not going to be answered and I started to draw attention to myself by standing over all of the premade cakes I moved to floor. I began to mop the floor making no eye contact.

Even though I just needed a cake, I realized that I better do some grocery shopping as well. So as the floor dried, I went back, got a cart and did some shopping. I realized as I circled the store, that I needed to move the cakes back. As I made my way back I noticed everyone in the beauty aisle and began to wonder what new item just came out. I walked up and saw COVID face cream, lip stick and chapstick. Women were flocking to this like hoarders to toilet paper. They were using the test samples for lip stick and raving about the product.

I thought to myself, wasn’t COVID this horrible thing that made a lot of people really sick, caused death and killed our economy? Then I thought well, if it was flying off the shelf this fast and these women really liked it then I will try it. I grabbed a container of the face cream which was dressed up in a pretty grey box with the letters COVID written on it. I also grabbed pink color lipstick and headed back to the bakery. I got there and by now the area was packed. I wanted to clean up my mess and get out there as fast as I could, but that was not going to be the case. I started to pick up the cakes from the floor and put back, but realized they were not fitting the same way and my panic mode began to increase. I did not want to be on the radar or asked questions.

As I was putting the last of the cakes on the shelf, the women behind the counter finally noticed me and said the floor looked great and she appreciated me cleaning it. Even though she appreciated my efforts she made a point, well beating around the point, that everyone still needed to wear gloves around food. I happened to look down and realized that I was not wearing any. I made a comment as her eyes glared into my body like fire to metal and said well these are wrapped in plastic and I don’t need gloves. At that time, one of the lids came open and I touched a cake. I looked at her and asked for some gloves.

She handed me a pair with the Baskin-Robbins logo. The gloves brought more attention to themselves than I did. She then asked what company I was with, I did not answer. The amount of customers increased and the clerk behind the counter mentioned to the crowd that I worked for Comcast and came to clean up the floor. A customer, who was older, with a 1950’s hairstyle and outdated clothing walked up to me, spit on my face and said she cannot stand Comcast due to COVID. She tried to cancel her services during the stay at home order but I would not allow her to. I informed the women, while cleaning up my face, that I don’t work for Comcast. I started to slowly back up and move away from the area.

At this time I realized, I had been away from Joe for a very long time and he would have to go out. I walked up to the checkout counter and noticed everyone was wearing the silly gloves, but no faces masks, which I thought was odd. I realized I really needed to get back to Joe, so I left my cart to the side of security, got into my car, picked up Joe and drove back. The parking lot was dark, but still very full of people. In a row closer to the entrance were lines of vehicles and as my headlights invaded their privacy I noticed it was vans full of people and pets. I thought to myself, oh yeah, these are the people that still never recovered from COVID and lost their homes and jobs. Their hair was tangled; clothes were dirty and eating out of cans in the parking lot. I parked and walked into the store with Joe in a bag over my shoulder.

I collected my cart by security and the security guard was standing there telling people they could not come in with their pets. I looked back and even though it was closing time, I still had to let Joe go to the bathroom. If I left the store again, I would not be able to get my food, or I could check out fast and then let him out. I stood there frozen with my cart and my dog in a purse and just waited to be informed by the security guard. I waited and waited, than I woke up!

I do not know if Joe got to go the bathroom or if I got my food in dream land, but in reality, Joe went to the bathroom and I have food! Have a good day…

Even though this time is hard, here is a strong song about keeping hope, opening your heart, and dreaming about better times.

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