What is your hidden talent?

I am a true believer, that we all have a hidden or extremely visible talent. We might know how to express that talent, but everyone has one and the trick in life is finding it, pursuing it, and overall continuing to fight for it. I think that we as humans have a hard time complimenting ourselves and therefore the talent or desire that burns within the soul becomes obsolete. I think the biggest question is how to find that talent, how do you release it and how do you maintain it? A talent, I think can be anything and can truly be a very small thing. It does not need to be a large or outrageous thing and can simply be anything from being able to fix anything within a drop of a hat to performing on stage.

A talent, I also believe may not be something for life and might come and go with time. Certain talents might need additional time to flourish and others just come naturally to some that you almost want to literally slap them in the face.

When I was getting my associates degree in Natural Resource Management in Leadville there was one gal who was literally good at everything! I sometimes wondered how can you be so perfect. I felt that she had a talent for just about everything. She was not only extremely book smart, but very field savvy. I am sure to her she might not have viewed herself that way and found her own flaws within herself, but as an outsider looking in, I could not have been more jealous. She could glide over rocks like Pocahontas (in the Disney movie) while the river raged out of control under her feet. For me, my feet found the tiniest pebble a struggle and stumbled like a porcupine shifting its weight from one side to another, in a hurry to get somewhere, but not able to keep up with short legs!

Her mind was always running and could easily figure out calculations within freezing temperatures and at any moment. Her face was bright and when she walked in, everyone stopped and focused on her. During one job we had to clear a patch for the US Forest Service to prevent the movement of future fires. As we started the day, she started up the chain saw and within a second cut the perfect slice into the tree and yelled “timber”. The tall old tree came raging down and she stood on top of it and began to slice it like a piece of bread. It was now my turn and as everyone cleared the way and we made all safety arrangements necessary, I picked up the powerful tool, held it in my hand, and felt that

I was ready to take this tree down. I was ready for greatness, however that was the case. As I went to go and slice the tree down, I did not calculate correctly and went straight into my chaps. I stood there wondering how does this happen. How does a chain saw go from the ground, into my solid hands and now through my chaps. The chain saw made a noise that stopped our team of 20 and as the smoke became visible I turned off the chain saw and tried to pull the string from now the clogged saw. I just stood there. As our two years of working side by side came to end, I realized that she was truly gifted at everything and wished that I had 2% of her talents!

As my travels continued and my life took me all of the states, I started to quietly observe talents that each person had and how they used them. Some were very familiar with them and others not as much. I have learned to not find jealousy in someone’s talent, but to value them and try to flaunt them if I can or learn from them. I think it is important to stop, look around, look at someone’s true inside and assist anyway we can, even that is through a supportive word. I am so proud of my friend’s kids who all have these amazing talents. They are a beautiful family that shines with the sun. The oldest is a wrestler and becoming a house hold name, the middle child, has the kindest heart and most precious soul of a care giver, the youngest, performed in one of our entertainment shows at the theme park in Denver has recently graduated and making his way in Hollywood with commercials and other productions. A beautiful family lead by a strong and caring mother who herself has a world of talents!

As I end this post, I think it is important when dealing with family or friends is to find their talent, embrace it, help them flourish it and to incorporate it in your life. For your own talent, we all have one, and take a minute to realize your talent can be your gateway to your next adventure or life changing moment. I hope everyone can find their own talent and embrace it like a precious stone of life.

This song I find fascinating, one for the musical talents they have and but also in the video the young whiskey maker is trying to improve his skill!

Photo taken in Scotland.

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