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Where did Carny Camper come from?

The one question that might be lingering out there in the minds of some is where did Carny Camper come from and why create a random blog about your life. As stated in my introduction, I work in a theme park, live in a camper and desire adventure. Since I was a child I have continually drove my parents crazy by finding mischief. Looking back however, I am not sure if I found mischief or it found me.

As I grew into somewhat of an adult I am in the same situation. I yearn for the path that is impossible, stupid, and just downright difficult. My dad used to tell me that I created my own language and that I was the only one that understood it. I truly believe that.

A few years back I started to develop a serious rash (well one that was more in the soul vs. on the skin!) for the RV life. I find pure stimulation by the open highway, the sound of the tires over the pavement and the thrill of developing a rhythm of smoothness between my hands, eyes and the road.

In high school I spent some of my summers traveling around the open road with my dad accompanying him during his sales calls. To most teenagers seeing the bare rough sites of Nebraska, Kansas and Wyoming may not be appealing, but to me I loved driving through the old towns that only consisted of one gas station, one semi-usable bathroom and the sight of silos from town to town marked proudly with the city name. I was happy to get off the road, but happy to always get back on. My heart never stopped pounding and even though my body would be exhausted I wanted more.

To get back to my first sentence, I created this blog to share my passion of RV’s, the open road, the excitement of working in a theme park, but mostly for the true pleasure of sharing a piece of my soul that may never have been seen before. In honor of the open road and in memory of my dad who left this earth over 20 years ago, I list the one song that we played over and over again by cassette while watching those little towns pass by. Until next time… Carny Camper.

"This Hard Land", Bruce Springsteen

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